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Mobile Banking App Development

ThinkUp is part of the team that develops the Mobile Banking APP for OCA of Banco Itaú.

This application allows access to the main inquiries of interest to customers about their credit cards: the available for purchases, the balance to pay, the payment due, the payment code and the statement in PDF, favoring cost control when presenting movements in real time. It also offers an e-wallet that allows payments with a QR code in commercial stores, and also offers the possibility of requesting customized loans, recharging the balance on cell phones, financing the account balance in installments, increasing the purchase limit for both OCA and Visa.

The app has the latest iOS features of FaceID and TouchID integrated, that allow high computer security as well as provide more comfortable and easier user access.


White Label Ecommerce App

ThinkUp has developed Yclas, a white label app, that is an application that can be customized to meet the e-commerce needs of each client.

Use Firebase to enable real-time chat (Firebase Messaging) and push notifications to keep the customer and seller in touch. The app is used by hundreds of large and small businesses that adapt it to their needs in order to have their own mobile sales channel.

IoT in Sports

Neuro-Training App

Neural Trainer is a company that has developed a methodology for cognitive training based on technology.

ThinkUp developed the application that connects to hardware devices (nodes) to carry out cognitive training for athletes. These connections are based on its BLE mesh connection which provides the best response rate (~15ms) and high range for training scenarios. Using nRF52 devices for each terminal, a high quality connection and time fidelity are provided.

This App is used by professional teams and coaches, amateur coaches and even individual athletes from any sport.

Health Care - Telemedicine

Peer-to-peer Video conferencing

SmartDoctor is an application that allows the health professionals to attend patients through a video call.

This app has been developed by ThinkUp in white label mode, and is adaptable to any type of health center. It allows you to make a video call between patient and doctor in order to be able to generate a tele consultation without having to leave your home.

Online Food Ordering

SDK for A/B testing

Delivery Hero is one of the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplaces. They process millions of orders per day, partnering with over 500,000 restaurants and a fleet of thousands of riders.

For Delivery Hero, ThinkUp has created an SDK that is currently being used in various apps property of the Delivery Hero holding company. The SDK allows real-time feature toggle and A / B testing on the use of the application in order to obtain indicators (KPI) and data analysis.


Drivers Scoring App

The client seeks to rate the way of driving of their drivers to be able to reward those who drive safer.

ThinkUp developed an app to monitor driving. It automatically detects car trips and generate points to win various prizes. Based on the mobile data track such as gyroscope, physical activity, location, speedometer, curve taking, acceleration and braking, it generates the score.

In addition, it includes an alert system for situations where abrupt movements similar to those studied in traffic accidents are detected.

Health Care

Health Sleep App

Nature Sound Mixer is an application to help patients sleep with a friendly user interface.

This natural sounds app focused on relaxation and rest, has a totally native and personalized UI. An audio player and in-app purchases are also included, as well as other specific product features such as sound mixing, volume control, random configuration.

The main differential of this natural sounds app, over some others in the market, is its background operation even with the phone locked, with low battery consumption.

Health Care

Agenda App

UyCarmela is the first digital platform specialized in dentistry in Latin America.

ThinkUp has developed for UyCarmela.com its agenda app for health professionals. This application allows health professionals to have a virtual office on their mobile. Allows them to track patients, agendas, notes, etc.

IoT in Kitchen

App to Control Grills

RecTecGrills is an app that controls RecTec smart grills.

ThinkUp has developed an application that, through a WIFI connection, sends commands to control the grills. The grills are connected to a hardware where it is permanently communicated with the app.

From the app you can control the temperature, alarms, timers, grill, etc. It also allows you to view time and temperature graphs or comparison graphs between the two grill skewers. This app is used by hundreds of people in the United States.


Fleet Tracking App

SmartLink (from Smartway) offers its customers real-time information on their fleets.

ThinkUp has developed the application that provides the possibility of remotely accessing in real time the key indicators of your vehicles and machinery with communication with the on-board computer (ECU); allowing you to increase production, as well as reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Religion-related businesses

Biblical Messages App

World Revival Center is a ministry of Pastors Ricardo and Ma. Patricia Rodríguez, of the fastest growing Hispanic church in the world.

The client asked ThinkUp to develop an app for their religious followers, an app that displays biblical messages and sermons from pastors. The app developed by ThinkUp is used in Colombia by the followers of the shepherds.

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