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Our Flutter App Development services

Custom Flutter App Development

Custom Flutter App Development

You can rely on us to build your custom Flutter App. Top-notch and engaging mobile Flutter apps that get results. A leading Flutter development agency like ThinkUp works closely with their clients to build custom industry-specific and top quality mobile Flutter apps.

MVP Flutter App Development

MVP Flutter App Development

A Flutter App developed in less than 3 months? Looking to validate an idea or Product Market fit? Our MVP Flutter App Development service is all you need.

Flutter Consulting Services

Flutter Consulting Services

Not sure where to start? Still wondering if Flutter is your best option? Our Flutter consultants will help you define the right strategy and selecting the best technology based on your needs.

Flutter App Support & Maintenance

Flutter App Support & Maintenance

Our expert Flutter App Development team can help you with technical support and on-going maintenance to keep your mobile app up-to-date and working as expected.

Dedicated Flutter Team

Dedicated Flutter Team

Scale your in-house team with our Flutter developers or hire a complete Flutter Developers team and enjoy all the benefits working with true Flutter experts.

Flutter App Design

Flutter App Design

Our Design Studio can help you with the User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) Design of your next Flutter App. From Wireframes to Prototypes and Usability Testing. We've designed outstanding mobile experiences for the most recognized brands.


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What is Flutter?

Flutter is transforming the app development process. Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. Build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase. Flutter is powered by Dart, a language optimized for fast apps on any platform.

Fast: Flutter code compiles to ARM or Intel machine code as well as JavaScript, for fast performance on any device.

Productive: Build and iterate quickly with Hot Reload. Update code and see changes almost instantly, without losing state.

Flexible: Control every pixel to create customized, adaptive designs that look and feel great on any screen.

Trusted by many: Flutter is supported and used by Google, trusted by well-known brands around the world, and maintained by a community of global developers.

Flutter Development

Clutch Top Flutter App Development Agency

5.0 Rating on Clutch | A Flutter Development Agency you can trust

Over the last decade, we’ve perfected our processes. And as a result, we’ve become a Top Flutter Application Development Company.


Top Flutter Development Services

Our Flutter Development services are backed by our extensive experience around mobile app development. We have been using Flutter since its begginnings to develop top-notch visually appealing mobile apps for iOS and Android. Our Flutter App Development Services rely on Flutter framework to code once and deliver a consistent experience across any device with a screen on iOS and Android. As a leading Flutter app development services provider, we can help you build cross-platform apps that get results.

Many companies across various industries choose to outsource to leading and professional companies like ThinkUp to take advantage of their Flutter Development services. From a concept or idea to the App Stores, we can support you throughout all the phases of your Flutter App Development. We offer Strategic Guidance, Industry best practices and Innovative Flutter Development Solutions that stay ahead and drive revenue.

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We are a Top-rated Flutter Development Agency around the globe

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Thinkup relies on highly specialized Flutter app development experts, software engineers, product designers, product managers, agile project managers and quality engineers, for the development of world-class mobile Flutter applications and user experiences. That is the main reason ThinkUp is considered the most reliable and a world's leading Flutter Development Agency.

We can help you design, develop, test, and launch full-fledged Flutter Apps. Whatever you need, we’ll be your partner in Flutter App Development

We partner with startups, scaleups and enterprises around the globe to build their Flutter Apps for Android and iOS devices.


Our Flutter Development process

Flutter Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Strategic consultation to understand your Flutter product requirements, roadmap and vision.

Flutter App Design

UX/UI Design

Industry Benchmark
UX Research
Wireframes and Flutter App Prototype
UI & UX Design

Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

Mobile App Development using Flutter and Agile sprints.
We base our apps on the best and fast cross-platform framework: Flutter.

Flutter Maintenance & Support

Flutter Maintenance & Support

Flutter App optimization and evolution.
Flutter App enhancements.
Hire a dedicated ThinkUp Flutter Squad to update your Flutter app as you need.

Partner with the best Flutter Development Services agency

Your trusted Flutter advisor: #1 Flutter Application Development Company

· ThinkUp is your one-stop Flutter App Development specialist to create and take your Flutter Apps to the next level.

· A dedicated in-house team of experts that deliver cutting-edge Flutter solutions.

· On-time project delivery with top-notch quality.

. Continuous maintenance support.

· ThinkUp is the exceptionally reliable Flutter App Development partner to revolutionize your business.

· Schedule a call with our Flutter App Development experts and let's define the best-fit solution to reach your goals.


Bahamas NNWC

ThinkUp carried out the design and implementation of NNWC, for the Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas. NNWC, is a platform with the aim of making the lives of Bahamian citizens safer. The main purpose of the application is to mitigate crime in The Bahamas through collective complaints, made by residents of the different areas. Users can report and know the incidents that occur in the different areas, through the app and geo location. The types of incidents will range from reporting a traffic accident to reporting a crime such as robbery or assault.

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Our approach for a successful Flutter Development project

Flutter Expert Team

We strongly believe world-class Flutter mobile apps and digital products are built by dedicated, cross-functional and expert teams. We setup Flutter app development squads with the ideal mix of seniority.

Partners, not clients

This is maybe the most important thing to consider when working with us. We ask our partners to work, iterate and build together as One Team. This is our secret sauce for building great products. We believe that great people build great products.

Products, not projects

Building a Flutter App and launching it is just the beginning. We help with product vision and strategy so you don't have a project, but a great product that is constantly iterated and evolved.

Obsessed with Quality and Outcomes

We start by fully understanding the business outcomes we are trying to drive. Quality first on every single process we execute.

Partnership models

Dedicated Flutter Team

Also known as Squad as a service, we setup the Flutter App Development Squad you need to meet your goals for your project. Our Flutter app development experts have been working with global brands for over a decade. A Flutter Dedicated Team looks like your in-house team. We can either scale your team or be your team. Dedicated Teams are autonomous, meaning you take care of your business, we take care of the rest.

Flutter Staff Augmentation

Out unique Flutter Mobile Team Augmentation model is simple: we provide you with the best Flutter talent to fill the gaps your in-house team might have around Flutter App Development. ThinkUp Flutter App Developers, Designers, Engineers, Product Managers and Quality Assurance Engineers scale-up your in-house team without the headache of having to recruit and onboard new professionals. Augment your Flutter app develpment teams with our Flutter developers, adding the Flutter expertise you need.

Outsourcing Flutter App Development

Full-cycle Flutter Mobile App Development. From requirements definition, strategy and design, to development, testing and launch, we provide end-to-end Flutter App Development Outsourcing when you don’t have the capacity or expertise in-house. We take care of your Flutter App Development project end-to-end, delivering a high-quality Flutter app in a matter of months.


Trusted by the best

"Flutter significantly reduced the time our team need to spend developing a new feature from 3 weeks down to 4 days."

Gonzalo Medeiros

CTO | Astroselling

"The quality of their work was great. ThinkUp successfully carried out the client's vision and the team was timely and communicative via email, texts, and Slack."

Gregory Michelier

CEO | ThinkSimple

"The ThinkUp team is flexible, honest, and communicative. With their excellent work ethic, they continue to ensure that the partnership is in its best form. They’ve been very attentive and they are mobile app development experts!"

Guzman Llambias

IT Manager | Pyxis

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· We can help you with strategy, design, Flutter app development and growth.

· Outsource your Flutter App Development with ThinkUp and rest assured.

· From Startups to Enterprises, we've been working side-by-side with industry leaders on their Mobile Flutter apps.

· Looking for the best Flutter App Development Company? Reach out to us today.

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FAQ about Flutter App Development

What is Flutter Development Services?

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications. Flutter app development uses a single codebase to build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, and Web, that reduces costs, speed up app development, reduce bugs, and increase your ROI.

What are the main benefits of Flutter App Development?

Flutter is an excellent choice platform for prototyping and building a minimum viable product (MVP). Here are some advantages of Flutter App Development: Single Codebase. Hot Reload. Flexible UI. Open Source. Native Performance. Fast Development.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Flutter App Development services?

Outsourcing Flutter App Development Services to a Leading Flutter Development services agency like ThinkUp allows you to start developing your Flutter App right away. Reduced app development costs are also one of the main benefits of working with outsourcing companies. Recruiting and Hiring talented Flutter App Development experts is time-consuming and costly. Working with a Flutter Outsourced team Increases the flexibility of scaling your project, and lets you Focus on your core business.

How long does it take to develop a Flutter app?

The required time to develop a Flutter App depends on the requirements, features and the complexity of the App. Our Flutter App Development experts can help you define a 3-months MVP Flutter App development. Get in touch and let's discuss your project together!

Do you offer maintenance and post-launch support?

We believe in long-term partnerships and we aim to be your Flutter App Development partner in the long-run. Our Flutter App Post-delivery maintenance strategy and Support consists of a flexible engagement model. You can hire a ThinkUp Flutter Squad, which is a fully dedicaded team to provide dedicated support and maintenance services for your Flutter App.

What are some companies that use Flutter?

Businesses of all sizes around the world are building with Flutter. The list of companies who trust Flutter for mobile app development is larger, however these are some well-known companies that are already using Flutter: Alibaba Group, eBay, Toyota, BMW, iRobot, Beike, Google Pay, among others.

I want to implement a Flutter Fintech App. Is it a good idea?

With Flutter you can control every pixel to create customized & adaptive designs that look great on any screen. Also using Flutter allows you to use only one single codebase, reducing costs and time to market.