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Work flexibility in IT to foster high-performance teams

Having a high-performance team is the key to creating the best products and services for our customers, and at ThinkUp, we know all about it. And, for a team to perform well, it must have flexibility at work, no doubt.

The tech market is known for its demanding work positions and for currently undergoing a context of an already satisfied job demand, where collaborators are the ones who choose where they want to work, and don’t hesitate to go to spaces that guarantee their well-being at work.

Those of us who work in IT, just like those working in any other industry, want to have a balanced personal, work, and family life. At ThinkUp, this is made possible from the start and during your career with us.

Our organizational culture focuses on finding the perfect match between a person’s interests and the company’s. We can proudly say that we’ve achieved that, and greatly so. That’s what makes us a great team.

In this article, we want to let you in on how we achieve this, and what our team thinks about it.

An organizational culture built around work flexibility

One of the main features of ThinkUp’s organizational culture is work flexibility. When we talk about workplace flexibility, we’re referring to developing a working model where both parties are happy and satisfied.

And this work model doesn’t only contemplate how we organize internal goals, or what’s going on inside the organization, but also how you’re able to manage the time you need to do your activities outside of work; whether it’s studying, family events, or any other thing you might be interested in.


“ThinkUp’s work philosophy works towards making all of us enjoy our day-to-day, that we challenge ourselves and are able to learn. Work is a super important part of our lives, an activity we dedicate many waking hours to and that takes up lots of energy. There’s nothing better than being part of a company that gets this and focuses on the well-being of everybody that is a part of it. An enterprise that, also, understands that we have other responsibilities and other things to do other than work, and that looks to find a balance between all of that. Because of this, I can say ThinkUp is truly a flexible company to work for.”

Paula, UX/UI Designer – Remote from Argentina

The features of work flexibility

Work flexibility is built from many different angles. These are some of the main features that define work flexibility at ThinkUp:

  • Everyone manages their own schedule.
  • We work on a goal-achievement basis.
  • There are no timetables.
  • Personal situations are always taken into account. We know that everyone has different needs, and we care about getting to know what they are.
  • You can work from wherever you are in the world.
  • We respect your study days and times.
  • Days off for exams.
  • Hybrid work format: you choose when to work in-office.
  • We don’t micromanage.

“ThinkUp is a flexible company because it lets you work from anywhere and you’re still able to feel connected. Besides, if you need to take a day off for personal reasons, no one has a problem with it, so long as it doesn’t disturb other people’s work. Everyone is free to manage their schedule.”

Yamila, UX/UI Designer, and student

Consequences of work flexibility

Work flexibility provides many benefits, both for the employee and for the company. These are some of them:

  • It attracts and retains talent
  • It increases employee engagement
  • It boosts motivation and creativity.
  • It develops high-performance teams
  • It promotes better mental health at work
  • It guarantees well-being at work
  • It provides a balance between personal and professional life.
  • There’s more family time and time for extra-work activities
  • And more.

Work flexibility to balance work and personal life

Balancing work life and personal life is key to those of us who choose to work each day giving it our best, because who wants to live for work?

Time is a rare commodity and being able to distribute it equally to accomplish all of our goals is primordial to feeling good about ourselves. And, when we do, that flows and spreads into the workspace.

Work flexibility to study

Studying is essential to professional development and takes time and money. And we don’t just mean graduate studies, but also those who come after to keep perfecting what we do.

At ThinkUp, we know that well-educated teams are the best teams and we want our employees to be able to get an education; we motivate them to do so.

How do we do it? There are several ways: one of them is by aligning work goals to study times so that our employees can achieve both goals without feeling oppressed or in a conflict of interest.

And that’s not just regarding schedules; you can also choose wherever in the world you want to study because at ThinkUp, 100% remote is standard practice. If you don’t believe us, read Yuni’s testimony, one of our iOS Developers, who is currently working at ThinkUp while studying for her MBA in Germany.


“At ThinkUp, you’re able to study or do any other types of activities to achieve my personal projects. Here, I get to improve myself and keep growing professionally because I can separate work time from personal time.”

Yuni, iOS Developer – Studying an MBA in Germany

Junior Talent

One of the programs we’ve developed to bring in young talents to our team and foster IT education is Junior Talent.

Junior Talent recruits young, inexperienced IT talents with no prior work experience who want to train themselves by working on challenging projects that use the latest mobile technologies while they continue their studies.

It’s an ultra-challenging program that students love because it lets them apply what they’re learning parallel to their studies.

In addition, the great organizational climate at ThinkUp, as well as our team-building activities (like FindeUp) invites them to join our work culture, and most of them choose to continue on their professional path with us. And we love it!

“Flexible schedules let you more easily organize your personal life with work. It also lets you choose how much you want to work, which is not always possible at every job. Also, you can take study days off. In my case, I’m a student, and it has helped me enormously to be able to go to class and take my exams.”

Marianna, Analyst – Student

Work flexibility for work well-being

Work flexibility is a part of ThinkUp’s organizational culture and a key aspect in guaranteeing our work team’s well-being.

“Work flexibility has been one of the things that made me choose ThinkUp when looking for work. They let you choose how many hours you want to work (they’re one of the few companies that let you work a 4-hour day) and distribute them however you want to be able to go to class or do whatever activities you want outside of work. In every feedback meeting, you and your leader settle on goals so your expectations are met and the company’s expectations are met, as well.”

Belén, Developer – Student

At ThinkUp, we have high-performance teams, not only because of each person’s individual capabilities but also because we focus on letting everyone in the team be themselves and have a work-life balance.

We spend many hours on the work we do. That’s why it’s so important for work to be a supportive environment that lets us achieve our personal goals while achieving our business’s.

Work at ThinkUp and achieve your personal and professional goals

Join our dynamic team at ThinkUp and take your career to the next level.



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