ThinkUp Junior Talent: A first job experience for Developers

Taking the first steps in the world of work is not always an easy task. At ThinkUp, we created the Junior Talent Program for technology-related career students to get their first job experience as developers with us and live an incredible time on a personal and professional level.

Our first job marks us deeply and largely determines the professional path we will follow. At ThinkUp, we know this, which is one of the reasons we created a program that seeks to provide all the knowledge and support that an experience of these characteristics requires to be positively unforgettable.

Because we are a dynamic, innovative, and constantly growing company, at ThinkUp, we seek to add people to the team who want to project their career with us and accompany them in their journey, so they give their best and enjoy it. ThinkUp culture is like this.

We introduce you to our Junior Talent Program and the testimonials of employees who entered Junior positions and today continue choosing to work and grow at ThinkUp.


What is ThinkUp Junior Talent?

Junior Talent is our recruiting program focused on young IT students – don’t need previous experience- who want to take their first professional steps in the mobile industry. 

Revolutionizing the mobile world requires new and creative ideas, and we know that Gen Z has those talents and more!

The benefits the program offers to junior developers who join this great team are, among others: 

  • A first job full of learning and challenging projects.
  • Work side by side with expert industry professionals.
  • Learn while working: from the team and with the team.
  • Permanent professional training.
  • Theoretical and practical training in IT topics every mobile developer wants and needs to know.
  • Time flexibility that allows you to combine study with work (the completion of your studies is a priority for us, and we want you to complement it with a practical job application)

“I would definitely recommend the program. It has a very guided path in which you will always find a warm and positive environment with people who help you grow while you learn a lot”.

Pía – Former Intern Junior Talent Program


The journey of a Junior Developer in ThinkUp

Admission to the Junior Talent Program is just the beginning of the Junior Developer’s path within his professional development plan in ThinkUp. 

The training plan we create has the goal they can project their career in ThinkUp and reach the highest professional level. As the program progresses, they define their interests and choose projects best fit their purpose and work projection.

We want and focus on you having fun doing your job in a relaxed work environment, surrounded by incredible people with whom working is truly a pleasure.

Besides the professional training activities, we enjoy team-building events, such as after-office, office events, and FindeUp, where the fun levels are on a larger scale, we assure you!

“In my experience, the program is a great opportunity for people with a certain level of knowledge and no work experience in IT. During my first period at ThinkUp, I realized everything you learn working complementary to university. I decided to stay at ThinkUp to keep learning Android, the flexibility to study and work, and the work environment”.

Santiago – Former Intern Junior Talent Program


Former Intern Junior Developers’ Experience

At Think Up, we believe those who work with us are our best ambassadors. For this reason, we want you to know from them what the Junior Talent experience meant to them. 

These are the statements from three former interns Junior Developer Program and current ThinkUp employees:

“Junior Talent gave me the opportunity and the time to learn a new technology from training chosen by people who have experience in the subject and, above all, the opportunity to learn from them. I loved both the work environment and the projects. To those who are about to enter, I would tell them to make the most of it because they will learn a lot.”Marianna

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for a student. With its time flexibility, you can perfectly manage work/study schedules and enjoy study leave. Thanks to this flexibility, I could finish my computer engineering degree while working as a junior developer. At ThinkUp, I am always learning about all technologies by being in contact with developers from all teams. I also enjoy the team, the after-offices, barbecues, and the FindeUp. I’m already looking forward to the next one!”Pía

Bruno Fontes, iOS Developer“I think it’s a great opportunity to enter the technology industry and grow professionally with a great team. There are constantly new and different projects. You can learn while training without pressure; it’s like you were going to work directly on a project for a client. Apart from the technical knowledge, I learned tools such as Git, GitLab, Jira, TeamWork, and methodologies such as Scrum that are essential to quickly and consistently deliver value to the team and the client.” – Bruno

The Junior Talent Program is an authentic way of learning while having a good time.


Do you want to be part of our Junior Talent Program?

If you are in the final years of your IT college career, you can become our next Junior Developer!

The call to be part of the Junior Talent Program renews periodically. Our projects keep growing, and we always seek the best talents to join our team.


If you want to be part of ThinkUp, please send us your CV to jobs@thinkupsoft.com, and let’s revolutionize the mobile world.

Follow us on our social networks to find out all our current job offers.

Join ThinkUp!



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