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AppsUp: Getting cozy with some of the people that are behind the scenes


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They are the ones making the magic happen, but what do they think about other apps? What are their preferences? What stories do they have to share? 

This time we give the stage to some of our (very talented) developers, so they can give us a little bit of insight on their work and talk about some of the apps they developed and some of the apps they love. Give it up for Santiago and Bruno! 👏 

Santiago Rugnitz 

Android Developer 

Santiago Rugnitz, Android Developer

  • Favorite types of apps: Social media and games 
  • Favorite programming language for mobile apps: Kotlin if it is native, Flutter if it’s cross platform. 
  • Team Android ✌  
  • Dream app to develop: Something with VR or AR. Although I would like Mixed Reality even more, it is not very feasible to do it in a mobile app 

Get to know some things about my work… 

As a developer, if I had to choose an order of components in which I prefer to work, it would be mobile backend and then web frontend at the last place (since I don’t like it at all 😖) 

The first apps I developed were Zanco and FootCI, both at the same time. Zanco is a business management app that came out recently, while FootCI was a Tinder-style social network for people who like feet 🤭 

When developing, it helps to have other applications as a reference; For example, if the project has navigation features, Uber is a good option, since it has helped me in past projects. 

Among the apps that we have developed at ThinkUp, I could say that my favorite is Zanco, because I was on both sides: I started on the Android part at the beginning and ended up doing the backend. It also makes me proud because it was the first big API I ever made.  One challenge I ran into when we worked on it was that, at first, the backend was written in PHP (Laravel) and managed by another company. When I moved to the backend, the first thing I had to do was rewrite everything in node.js, and I had never worked with PHP before, so it was difficult to make it work 100% the same. But in the end we were able to overcome it and carry out the work 💪 


Bruno Fontes 

iOS Developer  

Bruno Fontes, iOS Developer


  • Favorite app: Youtube, by far. I think the platform gives access to a world of information and entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else. 
  • Favorite programming language for mobile apps: Swift It’s a modern language that integrates perfectly with the entire Apple environment. Very much like Python. 
  • Team iOS  
  • Dream app to develop: I would love to create an app that can be used to connect with other devices (TV, Cars, Drones, etc) 
  • Top 5 apps to have on your smartphone: Youtube, Gmail, your bank’s app, Pay, and Waze. 

Fun facts about my developing journey… 

At the moment, I prefer working in Frontend, but I would like to learn Backend at some point. 

The first app I developed was in college. It was an app where you could book skateboards. It was made in JavaScript and using an API that was provided by the teacher. 

The fintech app is for sure an app I am really proud of, since it was a great challenge. 

It had to be developed with an architecture pattern that I didn’t know and we had little time to deliver, but the ThinkUp team managed to pull it off successfully and in record time 🎉 



📱Ranking of the top 5 most used apps in ThinkUp: 

  1. Pinterest 
  2. Instagram  
  3. Twitter 
  4. Spotify  
  5. Youtube  


 🤔 Are you surprised at the results?

We don’t know about you, but all this development talk has gotten our creative juices flowing 🤓😉  

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