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Implementation of the Studio Methodology for the development of applications

At ThinkUp, we believe that the best way to do things is to review them permanently and question if there is a better way to do what we do. Therefore, we are constantly testing and implementing new methodologies.

New ways of working allow us to optimize our services for the client but also to challenge our client services and to be disruptive, creative, and innovative. That is why, in this team, we never get bored of our work.

“Being a guide allows us to learn a lot from others and also from the experiences we accumulate. I feel thrilled and grateful with the team we are forming, and we have many plans as a Studio and a lot of energy. Having gone through other jobs and experiences, I really like empathizing with the needs of people who are just starting out, being able to think about what I expected from my leaders is very helpful every day.”

Cecilia – Design Studio Leader, ThinkUp.



Here are some of them:

  • Through “critiques” -or “design crits”- we encourage personal reflection and social interaction.
  • We encourage communication skills.
  • We promote creativity by working collaboratively.
  • We encourage teamwork and the ability to take risks.
  • We develop the ability to present, rationalize and refine solutions to concrete problems.
  • We facilitate learning of chosen topics and materials, as well as thinking and acquiring knowledge.
  • We increase motivation to acquire new knowledge.
  • Employees become active learners.

“When you have a space to reflect on how you are working, you put into practice a healthy self-criticism that comes from the team itself, and it inevitably leads you to the wish of improving all the time.”

Maximiliano – QA Studio Leader, ThinkUp.


How do we work the Studios at ThinkUp?

At ThinkUp, we implement the methodology for training in different domains. We have developed, for example, an Android Studio, among others. In these spaces, which we call Studio, there is a Studio Leader whose responsibilities are:

  • Moderating the meetings.
  • Generating feedback and a development plan for each of the participating team members.
  • Controlling the hours destined to the Studio space.
  • Keeping the whole team motivated and updated with new technologies.

As a result of this dynamic, a strong bond is forged between the Leader and the team members, which allows us to get to know each other better, our interests, and personal challenges.

At the same time, Studio Leaders never make decisions on their own, but they must always have the consent of the entire team.

Our onboarding consists of a presentation where we review the following:

  • The team.
  • Methodologies.
  • Current objectives.
  • Projects we are working on.
  • What is a Studio? Who does it depend on?
  • Tools.

At ThinkUp, we create Studios that deliver added value to developers as professionals. So this, added to the possibility of interacting with a team that works on the same technologies, allows you to learn at a maximum level of detail, which is difficult to achieve in day-to-day work.

“The main contribution of the Studio to its members and clients is knowing that each team member has the support of a group of professionals who work in the same area to consult, ask for support, or to resort to facing any difficulty. And also to develop their skills as a developer generating synergy with their peers.”

Nicolás – Android Studio Leader, ThinkUp


Work at ThinkUp and achieve your personal and professional goals

If you and ThinkUp‘s culture are a good match, we would love for you to work with us!

Please send us your CV to and join us.

We are a digital product development company obsessed with quality and specialised in mobile apps and unique user experiences. We create world-class digital products for startups and enterprises, intending to transform their businesses.



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