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Hiring a mobile app developer: advantages of having a digital product partner in your company

If you are thinking about developing a mobile app for your company, then you are in the right place.  

The importance of having a mobile application has increased over the years because having a mobile app is a before and after in your company. The request for the development of solutions for smartphones has multiplied to optimize and digitize the business. However, sometimes the process of creating an application from the beginning can be difficult if you don’t hire the right team to make your idea come true.  

Therefore, to succeed, you need an app development partner alongside you to build an app that matches your requirements to finally have a product that truly stands out. 

Advantages of hiring an App Development partner for your company 

–       Application quality: A company is always looking for the best quality with lower cost, but sometimes this can be tricky if you don’t hire the right team to create what your business needs. The best reason to hire an app agency is that you can benefit from all team’s knowledge, thus getting absolute specialization in your project. As we know a product made by a professional in the area is not the same as something made by someone who has no idea. The quality of the App will be a point in favor that you will have if you decide to hire someone with expertise. 

A lot of people think that developing an app is just about coding, but this is just one of many skills needed to create a successful app from start to finish. The process is always involved a design phase where user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) create the magic. Then, there are other remaining stages you might need business analysis, copywriting, or project management expertise. The quality of your app will define the success of your business. 

–       Advice from up-to-date professionals: One of the greatest advantages of hiring an app development partner is the non-stop advice that will be received according to your needs. Often in app development, you’ll find yourself at a point where what you had in mind for your app isn’t viable in the exact way you planned. Then you should be able to rely on professionals who know how to offer you alternatives to reach that functionality but in another way. 

The experience of the team is a variable to consider. Having professionals who have worked on similar projects means having professionals who have the knowledge to adapt your project to your needs. 

–       Saving company resources: If you don’t want to waste time and money, working with an app development partner is the answer. Incorporating professionals into your company’s workforce will be more expensive than if you decide to outsource. For example, if you choose to hire a new mobile app developer, you might get a tremendous price. Daily, we can find people willing to work for less money, in exchange for the opportunity to add experiences to their portfolios and to make themselves known.  

Therefore, working with agencies eliminates this issue since most charge a fixed-cost contract based on the estimated time and manpower required to complete your app.  

–       Time savings: Based on what we explained before if you are saving company resources you are saving time too. Hiring a specialized team that works for your idea allows you to focus your efforts on the main or core activity of your company, thus being more efficient and productive. A professional team works much faster than someone who has never programmed an application, so in a short time, you will have the app for your company up and running. 

Also, you will save meetings and weekly control over the activity of your company’s team dedicated to it, so you will have the time to invest in other aspects of the company that require your attention. The only thing you will have to do is validate the proposed milestones at the beginning of the collaboration. 

–       Having a full team on hand that is on top of the trends: As we saw before, the professional team is the most important thing when embarking on a project such as the development of a mobile application, and having a team that is into the different trends in the sector is vital since it is still about technology, and as we know it advances every day. You will need to know the latest trends to be able to develop an app that connects with your audience. 

An experienced app development partner will offer you not only a programmer but a whole team that will accompany you in the process: designers, UX experts, analysts, specialists in different technologies, and so on. But let’s not forget to mention project management, this role is the glue that connects the development together and ensures everything is running fluidly. Without it, the app is at a higher risk of going over budget, failing to launch on time, or failing altogether. 

Therefore, having an app development company will allow you to guarantee that the team is trained and updated on new trends. 

Considerations when hiring an app development partner 

Choosing the right mobile app development company is critical to the success of your app. If you don’t study and check well the company you are hiring, you might find some lack of communication, setbacks, and unreliability in delivery times. For that reason, here we leave you a few considerations you should take before working with an app development partner. 

First, you need to define your app requirements, this is essential to have a clear idea of what you want your app to do, what you want to include, and what platforms you want to target.  

Second, you need to check their portfolio, in this way, you will have the opportunity to know their experience in developing apps in your industry or niche that they have. For example, at Think Up, we have developed mobile solutions for e-commerce, smart city, medical, and social networking applications and we have worked for companies like Itaú, d-local, Chabad Plus, Delivery Hero, and more. 

Also, we recommended you check their technical expertise, it’s important to ensure that they have enough knowledge and resources to deliver your app. For instance, at ThinkUp we have certified people with expertise in Android, iOS, Design, UX/UI design, Quality Assurance, Project Management, and FullStack. 

And last but not least, consider their communications skill, this is the key to the success of any project, they should be able to understand your requirements, provide regular progress updates, and be responsive to your queries and concerns. Here at Think Up, we care about people and always aim to cultivate deeper and long-term relationships with our team and our partners. We believe that excellence and customer satisfaction are paramount. 

How to make sure you hire the best mobile developer for your company 

When a company decides to invest in expanding its business or creating a new one through an app, it is a key and decisive moment because it will define its success. That being said, the better way to assure you are hiring the best partner for your company is simply by answering these questions:

Do they have experience and specialized knowledge in your niche?,Do they provide flexibility with your requirements?, Do they have a technical team including project managers who oversee the process?, Do they have ongoing app maintenance support? if the answer is yes to all these questions, then you are in the right place.

Here at Think Up, we can provide all these and more. If you want to start planning one for your business, we can help you with the process. Contact us. Let’s build together the future that your company is looking for. 


“Mobile devices are becoming not only the center of the digital world, but the bridge that connects with the physical world. Therefore, we are going to begin to see how it is going to begin to completely transform companies.” Thomas Husson, VP at Forrester Research 

When we hire services, we need to have the guarantee and confidence of knowing that professionals are and will be there. Developing an app for your company means that you will create more meaningful customer experiences, you will increase brand awareness, you will offer faster customer services, you will be competitive in your niche and last but not least, you will expand your business.  

Are you ready to start? Contact us for more information on our mobile app development services. Let’s create your custom mobile app.



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