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FindeUp: we enjoy being an organizational culture of teamwork

Organizational culture is the DNA of every company. It determines our experience in the workplace, career development options, the possibility to create and innovate, the way we communicate, respect for the plurality of opinions, diversity, and inclusion.

At ThinkUp, we are proud of our organizational culture, which determines why we choose to work here.

The ThinkUp work culture is one of our main assets. One of its great strengths is that it promotes interaction and exchange between people with different perspectives. But above all things, everyone works with a common purpose being ourselves, without restrictions.

Our culture did not arise overnight. But instead, it is an idea conceived from the company’s beginning by the founders, and we continue to build and consolidate together daily.

From the People area, we focus on the well-being of the team at work through different programs and specific actions with clear objectives. The FindeUp is one of them. Do you want to know what it is?


What is FindeUp?

The FindeUp is a two-day experience outside the office where we all live together in an incredible place and with team-building activities designed specifically for the day.

People from all the countries where ThinkUp has a presence attend the event. Although we firmly believe in remote work and love it, seeing each other in person and sharing moments is something unmatched to strengthen the team. It is potent and motivating for everyone.

The last edition of FindeUp was held in an incredible mansion in La Barra in the Maldonado Department of Uruguay. We were 26 people from different South American countries. It was the first time we carried out an event of these characteristics, and the results were so positive that we are already planning the next one.


“Thanks to FindeUp we were able to connect a little beyond the usual and talk about things that are not work-related. In addition, it allowed us to meet team members working in other countries. This experience was excellent for getting to know each other better and having fun in another place and another context.”

Mauro Taroco – CEO ThinkUp

Round of hands of TeamUp members

The ThinkUp culture of teamwork

Organizational culture is crucial in high-performance teams because it allows everyone to feel comfortable, work aligned, and, consequently, increase commitment and motivation.

Working as a team and happily is essential. We don’t know how to do it any other way. For this reason, at FindeUp and in our daily work culture, we seek to foster cooperation so all of us can apply our passion and skills to everyday tasks.

We are always aware of the feelings and needs of all the team members. Therefore, we seek to promote permanent constructive feedback that generates an organizational climate of general well-being. The leader’s role is vital in this aspect.


“I always highlight the human quality of our team. I appreciate it when people give you their time, in this case, to FindeUp. Thanks to the event, we had many interesting talks with people from Uruguay and abroad.”

Guillermo Docampo – COO ThinkUp

The ThinkUp Team at FindeUp

FindeUp: an experience that strengthens ties

The idea of ​​FindeUp was born to create a long-lasting extra-work experience where we can strengthen ties. At the same time, we think of better ways of doing what we do, but outside the scope of daily work.

The organization of the FindeUp was in charge of Camila Ajmatt, Chief People Officer of ThinkUp. Still, the whole team made its contribution from her place. At first, we didn’t know how the proposal would be received internally (although we guessed because we know each other a lot!). Everyone wanted to participate, both in the organization and in the event!


“I started organizing the FindeUp with a committee of several boys and girls from the team. It was super nice for me because I didn’t feel alone at any time; we all thought of every detail and worried that it would come out as well as possible. The meeting was designed by us, for us. I felt great satisfaction when it was over because everything went better than planned.”

Camila Ajmatt – Chief People Officer ThinkUp

We enjoyed open talks, professional dissertations, and recreational activities during the event. FindeUp continued strengthening and promoting our objective of fostering a collaborative spirit and identifying people with the company’s objectives as a means to achieve their own.

The Up experience allowed us to contribute significantly from our place and talents, always seeking improvement for everyone.

This FindeUp reaffirmed what we already know: together, we can achieve everything we set out to do, and nothing stops us. There are no limits; at ThinkUp, we can work on what we are passionate about, and that work is fun (at least that is how we experience it). It is a fundamental part of the FindeUp spirit.


“At ThinkUp, we focus on people. It is extremely positive to share moments like FindeUp. It supports and promotes our culture and helps us to be closer”.

Mauro Taroco – CEO ThinkUp


There’s a before and after the FindeUp

Everything you read before summarizes what this incredible first FindeUp was. Still, we believe that the best thing is to let its protagonists speak: OUR TEAM.

Because for us, it was not just another weekend, but there was a before and after the FindeUp.

These are some of their testimonies about what the FINDEUP EXPERIENCE was for them:

  • “FindeUp made me know that I work in the place I want to be, with the right people. It has a philosophy that represents me and lets me represent the company.” Nico
  • “It was the funniest instance I had in my life with co-workers.” Mauro
  • “After FindeUp, we are closer as a team. You can see it in the company’s other activities during non-working hours.” Viry
  • “My first impression was that it was different from other forms of team building that I knew. When it ended, I confirmed it. The leaders’ talk was an inspiring moment.” Maxi

We are a team

These are just some of the many super positive and motivating testimonials that an incredible day left us that we want to repeat as soon as possible.

If we had to summarize what the ThinkUp teamwork culture is, we could do it this way:

THINKUP CULTURE = shared values ​​+ positive attitude + camaraderie + all together working for a common goal

We know it clearly: “none of us is as good as all of us together.” And that is the best we have.


You can be part of the next FindeUp

If you feel that you and the ThinkUp culture are a match, we would love you to work with us!

Please send us your CV to jobs@thinkupsoft.com and join the team that is revolutionizing the mobile world.



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