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How to create the best customer experience with your app

Today’s successful companies have proved to be customer centered. Therefore, creating the best user experience for your app is essential, and here is why.

Consumers state that their experience is key at the moment of choosing a certain product or service, and that they feel more motivated when they have a good customer experience rather than when they find low prices. This behavior is repeated at all latitudes.

Consequently, and facing a great number of app users that are increasing exponentially and repeatedly, companies must offer efficient and quality apps and, at the same time, must ensure a valuable customer experience.

When this happens, it is directly reflected in a better brand image, and thus, in better results for the company.

Investing in the development of personalized apps that provide a unique client digital experience is crucial to achieve success.


What customer experience in the mobile world is

The customer experience (CX) is defined by the ongoing interactions and exchanges that customers have with a brand throughout their customer journey. It starts with the first contact, and it is sustained over time if the experience is positive.

It includes, in turn, all the sensations and emotions that a person experiences when interacting with the brand. These then become memories of how the app made them feel and motivate them to use it again.

The mobile user experience is then given by the journey users have when using an app (or other mobile service or product). For an app to be successful and provide a good digital customer experience it has to be well-designed, attractive, responsive and, of course, easy to use and navigate.


Why customer experience matters

As it was said before, the customer experience is key because its successful performance will determine whether the user chooses you or not. You do not only sell products and services, but mainly, experiences. And one thing is closely connected to the other.

This does not mean that all customer experiences and exchanges must be unique and unforgettable, but they must be positive.

Let’s look at a concrete example. If a customer spends several minutes trying to find what they are looking for in your app, you will probably make them feel frustrated. This negative emotion will probably reduce their intention to interact with your app again and they will discard it. Something your competitors will take advantage of and won’t let go. They will offer your now ex-customer a better experience that will seduce them into choosing your competitors.

Bad experiences lead to a great loss of users. With many options available in the market, second chances are virtually non-existent.

The way people interact with brands has changed radically in recent times. In this regard, responding accurately and efficiently to what the user is asking for is crucial.

Users expect apps to provide them with fast responses and a valuable experience. Large companies have suffered huge losses due to poor customer experiences with their apps. In many cases, because of poor user experience design.

Nowadays, having a mobile-friendly website to interact with your customers is no longer enough. They demand applications that offer them solutions from their device. In this way, companies must offer their market perfect opportunities to connect and do what they want (such as making a purchase, for example).


Why improve customer experience

Improving the customer experience is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition and get the best results. To do this, your customer experience management must ensure consistency and best-in-class standards at every touch point along the customer journey. This is the way to ensure a positive experience that offers value.

Good experiences impress users and motivate them to continue operating in your brand. It is therefore a very valuable asset.

Do you know how much it costs your business to acquire a new customer? Seven times more than keeping existing ones. In other words, very expensive. For this reason, the best option is to retain your current customers, in addition to adding new ones.

How an app can improve customer experience

There are several actions you can take to improve your customers’ experience with your app.

1- Direct path to purchase: minimizing the number of steps needed to buy a product is key. The faster and simpler your customer can make their purchase, the fewer options for hesitation and defection will cross their path.

2- Easy to use and intuitive: people want to start interacting with the app immediately and without extensive training. The more intuitive and straightforward your app is, the more successful it will be. Many users tend to abandon apps that do not comply with this rule. .

3- Reduce the number of repeated actions: so that the customer is not overwhelmed, for example, allowing them to stay logged in once they have done so.

4- Provide key information from the beginning: any information that you think may affect your customer’s experience should be provided from the beginning to increase their trust in your brand. For example, information related to the purchase decision, such as whether or not shipping costs are included. This way, you avoid giving them bad surprises that may lead them to not complete the transaction.

5- Make it easy for your customer: make it convenient for them by allowing them to operate quickly and conveniently. For example, by giving them the possibility to set up repeat purchases they make regularly, inform them about discounts of interest to them, etc.

6- Customise according to their needs: each customer has their own preferences. Therefore, adapting the app experience to their needs is always appreciated. One possible case is, based on the analysis of their shopping behaviour, to offer them the most relevant products for their profile.

7- The first interaction determines the future relationship: it must be optimal and fluid in order to be sustained over time.

And, of course, in terms of technology and design:

  • It should work seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems.
  • It should have a fast interface.
  • All interaction contexts should provide a good customer experience.
  • Ensure a smooth interactive experience.
  • Facilitate navigation accessibility by placing buttons in the most convenient areas for the customer.
  • Perform rigorous software testing (mobile users, A/B Testing, etc.) to provide the best user experience.

Successful applications create unique and valuable user experiences.


Creating the best user experience in financial apps

Users demand the highest level of usability and an excellent user experience from financial services. These are distinct but complementary concepts for the best CX. If an app is difficult to use, it leads to a poor user experience.

Consequently, creating a quality user experience in a financial app involves considering:

  • User expectations.
  • Technical performance.
  • The design and aesthetics of the interface.
  • Content strategy.

Hence, designing a good user experience in the financial industry involves:

  1. Identifying the actions that the user will be able to perform in the app and create a path that the person can follow avoiding any leakage points (anything that hinders conversions).
  2. Defining the emotions that the user will experience when performing an action and accompanying it with an appropriate design and aesthetic in line with the brand’s personality. For example, they should feel welcome when they access the application or feel happy when they obtain a loan.
  3. Planning the experience. Once 1 and 2 have been defined, the next step is to define how the app’s frames will look and what the suggested path will be for the user.
  4. Testing the app. It is essential to test the app before launching it and, if possible, to continue to do so on a regular basis.

There are no second chances for first impressions and, in fintech, even less so.

The importance of investing in digital experience

In an increasingly digital world, customers’ expectations are rising and they choose to deal with brands that provide excellent customer service at all times, wherever they are.

In this context, creating mobile applications that provide excellent user experiences is the cornerstone of your success. The recommendations we have outlined above will help you to improve your users’ experience with your app.

When you invest in digital experience, you are investing in standing out from your competition and improving your results. Always starting from the basis of a satisfied customer who is your best ambassador.

When your mobile user experience is valuable, your customers engage with your brand and you build loyalty. So, in an increasingly competitive environment with a large number of suppliers for the same product or service, building strong relationships with your market is crucial.

Creating user experiences that make them feel unique and special is what builds long-lasting and solid relationships. In order to be successful, an app must not only be innovative and responsive to emerging needs, but also its design, development and content care must result in an engaging and easy-to-use mobile interaction.

In this way, your customers and your business will achieve better results.

Do you want to develop an app for your business?

At ThinkUp we are a digital product development company, obsessed with quality and specialized in mobile apps and unique user experiences. We create world-class digital products for startups and enterprises, with the goal of transforming and empowering businesses.



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