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Retrofit – Multiples base urls with annotations

When we create a new application, we will probably have multiple API calls. And probably some of them will be …


“Work is life and life is work”: No, thanks 👋.

Although some say work is life and life is work, the truth is that balancing your professional and personal life …

Retrofit – Mock service with an interceptor

Many times, when starting a new project, we find that we still do not have a backend prepared to cover …

Top Developers App - ThinkUp Team

AppsUp: Getting cozy with some of the people that are behind the scenes

They are the ones making the magic happen, but what do they think about other apps? What are their preferences? …

Clutch Certificate for ThinkUp

Clutch Recognizes ThinkUp as Uruguay’s Best App Developer for 2022

Innovate and revolutionary — those are what our clients say about our work. Here at ThinkUp, we deliver forward-thinking solutions …

Sceneform: Making ARCore easier

Sceneform: Making ARCore easier

What is Sceneform? It’s a plugin to make an implementation of ARCore more straightforward, without the complexity of OpenGL. You …

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