Super apps are a new way of operating in the digital ecosystem that minimizes the number of applications necessary to do what you want. Learn more here!

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Nearshore outsourcing: benefits of outsourcing your IT services in Uruguay

In a fully globalized and connected world, many companies choose to work geographically separated but united in development. IT outsourcing …

The design process of an app: From ideation to action

Today most people use apps in their daily lives. They have multiple purposes, and each user chooses their favorites for …

The rise of payment apps: Will cash as we know it disappears?

The digitalization of financial services is a global trend. The strong uptake of payment apps to replace cash clearly shows …

Implementation of the Studio Methodology for the development of applications

At ThinkUp, we believe that the best way to do things is to review them permanently and question if there …

Work flexibility in IT to foster high-performance teams

Having a high-performance team is the key to creating the best products and services for our customers, and at ThinkUp, …

CX - ThinkUp

How to create the best customer experience with your app

Today’s successful companies have proved to be customer centered. Therefore, creating the best user experience for your app is essential, …

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